Someone’s Life Is Like A Movie

I don’t really know what I want to write on my first post.. I have an idea to create this blog once I read someone’s story. I want to share what I think and I feel about the story. I had a blog in friendster before but I think that I want to create another blog in another website.

I read someone’s story which later I guest that it was based on true story. It’s about affair and violence in marriage. I often watch and listen stories about this kind of subject but I never thought that it was truly happened.

I cried once I finished reading the story which I know the actors and the actress well. Until the minute I finished reading the story, I still believed that life is as good as I know. Eventhough some people said that life is not always as good as I think, for me, as long as it doesn’t happen to me, it’s just in a movie.

I know I am still too naive about this such kind of bad things that happen in other people’s life. But, it’s difficult for me to change this thinking. For me, life -based on my experience- is good.

I never think that the people I know well could have such kind of worst things in their life. Especially for the people which I know have been really good in religion.

May God always bless my loved people wherever they are..


One thought on “Someone’s Life Is Like A Movie

  1. well, lisa. me too have seen those story on reality. much more than you think lisa.

    bahkan untuk seseorang yg taat dlm agama, mungkin itulah cobaan untuk mereka.

    yes, benong bett hidup itu sm ky pilem or novel, cmn sayangnya kita sbg pemain ga bisa skip halaman dan langsung ke chapter yg kita pengen. hehehe =p semua harus dilaluin.

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