I Am Really Sorry..

I am really sorry for making you sad..

I am really sorry for making you upset..

And I am really sorry for making you dissappointed..


But I had to take the way..

Not only for myself..

But also for your own..


I will not forget you..

I will always keep you as my beautiful memory..

Coz’ you had shown me the different world I haven’t known before..



You will find your own way..

You will find another good one..

And you will keep another beautiful memory..


And someday..

We can meet again each other..

As good friends.. The best.. Ever..


One thought on “I Am Really Sorry..

  1. yeee.. gw ga mikirin masalah lo juga, lo bisa kurus juga dgn gw mikirin masalah sendiri. malahan untung masalah lo kan lebih gede tuh, kurusan lo tuh dr pada gw nantinyah. tuh untungkan loo?? hahahahha
    da menurut gw, gw mikirin masalah lo yg satu ini jg gada gunanya (ga akan bantu lo jd ga mikirin masalah lo), soalnya udh selesei, bukan sesuatu yg harus dicari caranya untuk selesei. cmn hati lo yang jd masalah.
    seperti juga gw, krn cmn hati gw yg jd masalah.dan untunglah lo cmn nanya, “sakit hati bgt gan?” hehehehe

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