Getting Through the ‘Test’ in My Life..

I don’t know what to say. I just know that problems come and come without giving me chance to take a breath for a while. This month is the hardest month I have ever had. Many problems come and make me crying once I remember all of them one by one. I know that Allah is sure that I have a potential to be a strong person to face all of these.

It is like an academic test. I have had a book which contains of science: patient and thankful. What I need is applying what I have read and known in a real test, in my life. The problems that come into my life this month are the real test. Allah wants me to face the test and use the science that He has given to me.

It’s hard. Really hard. I almost lose my mind. But alhamdulillah, Allah saves me through people around me. But the pain does not disappear. It is still there.. in my heart, going to my brain..

I lose my days.. I lose my colour.. And I don’t know when I will get those back..

All I know now is that I can’t do anything to solve the problems unless being patient of waiting and praying and praying and praying..

Ya Allah.. please always stay with me.. please make me sure that I am strong enough getting through all of these.. please never leave me.. please.. please.. please..



One thought on “Getting Through the ‘Test’ in My Life..

  1. hadooh.
    akk ga ngerti.

    laiin kali kalo mau tulisan nya mau b inggris jangan lupa sertakan juga b indonesia , agar ak mengerti.

    tp sigana mah alus euy.

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